Action Verbs and Linking Verbs

Action verbs are typically single words that describe what a person or thing in a sentence does. ( run, walk, eat, hire )  The action verb answers the question, "What is the subject doing?"


"Scott goes to work by train." The subject is Scott.  Ask yourself, What is Scott doingScott goes so the action verb is goes.


Linking verbs are verbs that link the subject of the sentence with more information about the same subject.


"Scott is an English teacher."  The word is is a linking verb because it says what Scott is.


Action verbs express a specific movement, task, act, or motion, while linking verbs express a state of being.


Some words can be both action and linking verbs.


"Freshly baked pizza smells wonderful!"  Here smells is a linking verb talking about the pizza.


"I always smell grilling yakitori when I walk to the station."  Here smell is an action verb talking about what I am doing.


I hope that helps you out!





英会話のコツ:Describing Neighbors & Neighborhoods

I live in a very busy neighborhood.  There are 3 pachinko parlors in my neighborhood.  There is a train station, a McDonald's, and a small coffee shop.  There are also many hairdressing salons, convenience stores, and takoyaki stands.

--> What is in your neighborhood?  (Use There is / there are + 名詞 to describe your neighborhood.)

One of my neighbors is a small elderly lady.  She has short grey hair, black eyes, and a small nose.  She is friendly, talkative, and energetic.  She has a 9-year-old chihuahua.  Her chihuahua's name is Koujirou.  Koujirou's father's name is Musashi.  She is fun to talk to.   

-- > What does your neighbor look like?  What is he/she like?  (Use She/he has + 名詞 and She/he is + 形容詞 to describe that person)


~ Samantha


Preposition Q&A

Question: What is in your bag?

My answer: There is a foldable umbrella, a tube of chapstick, a scarf, a woolly hat, and some packs of tissues in my bag.  My wallet and cell phone are also in my bag.  There are a set of keys for Sunrise in the front pocket of my bag.

Question: What is on your desk?

My answer: There are many credit card receipts on my desk.  There is a Falcon drawing pen, a watercolor set, and some postage stamps on the left side of my computer.  There is a red lamp on the right side of my computer.

Question: What is behind your home?

My answer: There are cherry blossom trees behind my home.  In the trees, there are many brown eared bulbuls.  Brown eared bulbuls are cute birds that make a lot of noise.  There are also many bicycles and scooters behind my home.

Question: What is in your fridge?

My answer: There is a block of cheddar cheese, a carton of soy milk, an opened bottle of champagne, and a pack of dates in my fridge.  The dates are not so good.  There are also three eggs, four carrots, three sweet potatoes, and four green peppers.  There are three containers of homemade chicken & red pepper soup.

Question: What do you do on the Internet?

My answer: I read the news on the Internet.  I buy rice, dog food, and books on Amazon.  I watch animal videos and movie trailers on YouTube.  I watch American TV shows on Netflix.


~ Samantha












How are you??


I'm good や I'm busy, I’m hungryなどなど



I 'm hungry because I had no time for lunch today.
















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~ Yuka