Happy New Year!!! - New Year’s in Canada

Celebrating the New Year in Canada is very different from the way that it is celebrated in Japan.  Whereas Japanese families get together for the New Year, most Canadian families already did that for Christmas, so a lot of people choose to say farewell to the current year in their own unique ways.

One of the most popular ways to bring in the New Year, especially for young, single people, is to find a big party to join.  There are tons of parties to choose from that begin on December 31st and continue to long into the morning of January 1st.  Some parties are hosted by friends or acquaintances, and others are big events that take place in the downtown area.  

Similar to the Japanese Kouhaku, there are a lot of popular music groups performing on New Year’s Eve.  Most Canadians not there in person will watch these performances live on TV, flipping back and forth between Canadian and American channels so that they can enjoy all their favorite artists.

Canadians eat a variety of different foods on New Year’s Eve ranging from pizza, to BBQ chicken wings, French fries, roasted ham, Chinese takeout, and so on.  There isn’t any specific food that gets eaten during the New Year.  Most people drink champagne, but many also drink beer and wine.

Towards the end of the year, or at the beginning of the New Year, Canadians make a list of New Year’s Resolutions - things that they want to improve or accomplish for that year.  Popular resolutions include losing weight, reading more books, watching less TV, and cutting down or giving up a bad habit.

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