Common Christmas Presents in Canada

#1. Soap - People are always giving each other soap.  Some soap is fancy, some bubbly, but they’re all basically soap.

#2. Books - Like soap, books are affordable and easy to wrap.  With sites like Amazon, it’s easy to choose books for people because most people who are members of Amazon have a wish list from which you can shop from.

#3. Clothing - If you’re on a budget, socks will do.  For people you actually care about, a nice warm sweater for the winter or a stylish pair of clothes will be greatly appreciated.

#4. Chocolate - I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like chocolate.  Around Christmas there are chocolate Santas, chocolate gold foil coins, and Godiva for people who are extra special.

#5. Stuffed animals - These are mainly for children, unless you know someone who collects them.

#6. Jewelry - Men sometimes give women necklaces and bracelets for Christmas, while women give men watches and chains.

#7. Electronics - Things like iPads and cell phones are good presents for people you care enough about to spend a lot of money on.

#8. Gift Certificates - If you can’t come up with a good gift idea, gift certificates are extremely convenient and useful presents.  The only problem is that the receiver will know exactly how much money you spent on it.


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