I find it funny what parents tell their children about Santa.   Here is my experience.

When I was 5 my mother took me to a mall to meet Santa.  He was a big wide man who could’ve carried 8 children on his back.  He was very friendly, but stern.  He asked me what I wanted, I replied “a new Porsche 911 Turbo”.  He laughed and said “only if you are a good boy”.  

I’m sure he didn’t take it very seriously.  I started to question why there were Santas at every mall.  My mother told me that Santa employs them to do some of his work.  My father told me not to ask if I wanted presents.  

It is said that Santa likes milk and cookies.  I was told by my primary school teachers to place cookies and milk on the table on Xmas eve.  On Xmas eve I told my frugal father that I would place cookies and milk on the table.  He told me that I didn’t have to, because Santa is fat and it wouldn’t be good for his health.  My mother told me to do it.  At the time I believed my father, but now I realise that he didn’t want to waste milk and cookies.   

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