Humans vs Cats

Cats are Japan’s favorite animal!  They are everywhere!  There are:

  • cat characters like Doraemon and Hikonyan.
  • specialty shops that sell everything with cat designs.
  • many cats in commercials.  
  • a cat stationmaster at station in Wakayama.
  • stray cats living on the street.

Cats are very different from humans.  Here is a list of differences between cats and humans:

  • Humans talk
  • Cats meow
  • Humans have 1 life
  • Cat have 9 lives
  • Humans buy food from the grocery store
  • Cats receive food from humans
  • Human males have facial hair
  • Cats have whiskers
  • Humans have hands
  • Cats have paws
  • Humans have nails
  • Cats have claws
  • Humans have hair
  • Cats have fur
  • Humans don’t have a tail
  • Cats have a tail
  • Humans have babies
  • Cats have kittens
  • Humans don’t like catching cockroaches
  • Cats enjoy catching cockroaches

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