Ethnic Foods

I love cooking, but making the same foods every day isn't very challenging. So, 2 weeks ago I began to look up some new and exciting recipes on the Internet. I want to experiment with many different herbs and spices and try my hand at ethnic dishes from various countries.

First I made a delicious smelling Indonesian coconut curry rice. I only needed a handful of ingredients to make it and it was a great success.

My second attempt was also with an Indonesian recipe - okra vegetable coconut curry. While my husband enjoyed it, I felt that the okra made it more of an acquired taste.

There are many English or Scottish desserts that I'd like to make and the bakewell tart was at the top of my list. The filling is made from ground up almonds and freshly made jam - the perfect combination. It was probably one of the best desserts that I'd ever made!

Moving onto Italy, I decided to make focaccia bread. I had hesitated on making it before because it seemed like a pizza without any sauce. However, because of the popular herbs that it is baked with, it was just as tasty as a pizza.

Chinese fried rice and American southern fried chicken also came out really well.

While picnic season is still comfortably warm, I will continue to try out new recipes to pack my lunch box with!

Vocabulary and expressions:
Challenging 能力が試される
Experiment 実験する
Try my hand at 試す
Indonesian インドネシアの
Ingredients 材料
Acquired taste 慣れ親しんだ味
Ground up すりつぶした
Hesitate 躊躇う
Come out really well よく出来た

~ Samantha