My upcoming trip to Toronto!

Because I was born and raised in Toronto, going back to visit isn't much of an adventure for me. My family and friends have their familiar routines that they kind of feel uncomfortable straying from, so we usually end up doing the same old things over and over again. Of course I would love visiting my family no matter where they lived or what they chose to do for the day, but this year I've decided that I want to explore parts of my city and try out new activities that are alien to me.

Even though I lived in Toronto for 25 years, I've never been to Casa Loma - a famous castle that is located minutes away from Downtown Toronto. I'm definitely going to check it out this year and see if the rumors of it being haunted are actually true.

Down by the harborfront there is a restaurant that is a bit of a rarity in Toronto. The restaurant is actually a moored ship that is situated in a very picturesque spot in the heart of Queens Quay. I must have walked by it a million times, but never had the time to actually go inside it. The next time I happen upon it, I might take a closer look at it.

Horseback riding is not as uncommon in Toronto as it is in Osaka, and it's been on my to-do list for quite a while so I've been scouring the net in search of a place that hosts relatively cheap lessons. There seems to be a reputable equestrian riding school in North York, a rather large area located on the outskirts of Toronto. Depending on my schedule, I may just pay it a visit.

Vocabulary and Expressions:
Familiar 馴染め
Routine 習慣
Stray 道から逸れる
Alien 異質な
Check it out 調べる
Rumor 噂
Haunted お化け屋敷
Happen upon something 偶然に出くわす
Moor (船を)係留する
Reputable 評判の良い
Scour 徹底的に調べる
Equestrian 乗馬者

~ Samantha