All about food! - 食べ物について楽しく会話しよう!

Do your food converations lack depth and flavor? Does the sentence, “I like pasta” sound boring and lifeless? If so, let’s look at more interesting ways of discussing food.

Useful food words & phrases

addicted to ~に中毒になってる
allergic to ~にアレルギーがある
can’t stand ~我慢できない
aftertaste ~後味
gross ~気持ち悪い
appetitizing ~食欲をそそる
lose one’s appetite ~食欲をなくす
low tolerance for ~に弱い
overeat 食べ過ぎる
delicacy ~珍味

Using the words/phrases above in a conversation

A: What kinds of food do you like?
B: I love sweets. I’m really addicted to butter tarts. (Butter tarts are a delicious Canadian dessert)

A: What do you feel like eating tonight?
B: How about seafood?
A: Sorry, but I’m allergic to shellfish.

A: Last night, my roommate made roasted chicken with garlic and offered me some.
B: That was nice of him.
A: You’ve got to be kidding! (嘘でしょう!) I can’t stand garlic.

A: How was the passionfruit?
B: It was okay, but…
A: But?
B: It had a terrible aftertaste

A: Did you know that in some places people eat deep fried beetles?
B: That’s just gross!
A: I know. I just lost my appetite

A: Yum, that looks appetizing! What is it?
B: It’s a Turkish kebob. It’s really tasty. Here, try one!

A: Are there any foods that you dislike?
B: Yeah, I have a low tolerance for spicy foods.
A: Really? I have a bad habit of overeating kimchi when I’m bored. Afterwards I get an upset stomach.

A: What would you like to order today?
B: What do you recommend?
A: Well, the deep fried shrimp with crushed cashews and peanut sauce is a delicacy here.
B: Okay, I’ll have that with a glass of wine.