All About Bags

There are so many different types of bags being carried around by men and women nowadays that it's difficult to remember what they are all called. They are usually categorized by their shape and function.

On average, women have more bags than men. They have clutches - small flat bags the size of tablets - that they carry to fancy evenings out and dance clubs. Cosmetic bags are artfully decorated bags that hold tons of makeup and have separate compartments for makeup brushes and makeup cases. A hobo gathers up at the edges to be pulled into a shoulder strap. It's very simple and casual looking.

Although men don't use any of the bags listed above, there are still quite a few that they can choose from to suit their needsBackpacks are widely used by men and women and can be taken to work or up into the mountains for a day. Men are more likely to carry around a satchel - a nicer version of what North American postal workers use to deliver the mail. And any man who wants to appear mature and organized will also have a wallet, either in his satchel or in his pocket. For work - and confidential information - a lot of men like to go with a briefcase because it locks and is quite sturdy.

What kind of bag do you use every day?

New Vocabulary / expressions:
Categorize を分類する
On average 平均で
Compartment 一部
Suit one's needs 必要性を満たす
Confidential 秘密の情報
Go with を選ぶ