Spring is in the air!

The weather in Osaka has been absolutely beautiful for the past week and there are signs of spring everywhere. Just yesterday when I was visiting the neighborhood supermarket, I saw a sparrow's nest with a trio of hatchlings. Their heads were all fuzzy, poking up above the rim of the nest as they waited for their mother to feed them.

Everywhere flowers are in full bloom, helped by the occasional spring shower and a generous amount of sunlight.

While I was walking along the Yodo River(淀川)the other day, I couldn't help but notice all the full grown dogs leading puppies or kittens that have yet to grow into cats.

Spring is the best time to get rid of winter flab before the summer hits. Although Expo Park(万博記念公園)is a famous picnic spot, it is also extremely popular with joggers and yoga enthusiasts. Last week, while I was having a picnic at Banpaku Park, I was impressed by the number of people who were exercising their way through the park. Some people looked like they were in the best of shape, while others seemed to be starting to exercise.

I spent the greater part of the winter exercising in UmedaSannomiya, and Kawaramachi. But it was mainly enjoying a favorite winter past-time of North Americans - mall walking. Now that it's warm enough, I plan on getting some exercise during my lunch break by walking around the Senrioka area. サンライズ英会話 is located in such a convenient area, probably the most interesting out of all the other places that I've worked while staying in Osaka, Japan. Senrioka isn't as busy as Umeda, but there is still plenty to do - and buy - when I have a spare hour or two. There are tons of new crops that are being harvested all around Japan, so I'm always checking out Maruyasu to see what's new and fresh. Joshin is only a short walk away from Sunrise, as is Book Off, Hankyu Oasis, and JR Osaka Station, and let's not forget Mr. Donuts.

So, while I focus on becoming a little healthier for the summer, I'm happy to be able to see life flourishing around me and the colors becoming more vibrant.

Vocabulary / Expressions

Hatchlings - 幼鳥
Sparrow - スズメ
Fuzzy - 短い柔毛で覆われた
In full bloom - 満開
Generous - 多大な
Flab - 贅肉
Enthusiast - 愛好者
Crop - 農作物
Harvest - 収穫する
Flourish - 繁栄する
Vibrant - 鮮やかな

~ Samantha

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