Discussing movies -映画の感想などを話そう

If you love movies, you're probably already familiar with the following genres:

  • action アクション
  • horror 恐怖
  • comedy コメディー
  • science fiction エスエフ
  • fantasy ファンタジー
  • romance 恋愛
  • documentary ドキュメンタリー
  • adventure 冒険
  • epics / historical 叙事詩の
  • musicals ミュージカル
  • war 戦争
  • western 西部劇

But are you familiar with these movie adjectives?

ING Adjectives: Used to describe things

  • interesting 興味深い
  • exciting 楽しい
  • amazing 素晴らしい
  • terrifying 非常に恐ろしい
  • confusing ややこしい
  • amusing 面白い
  • depressing 重苦しかった
  • disgusting 気持ち悪い

ED Adjectives: Used to describe feelings

  • interested ~に興味がある
  • excited わくわくする
  • amazed ~に驚く
  • terrified 恐怖に襲われた
  • confused 困惑した
  • amused 面白がる
  • depressed 落ち込んでる
  • disgusted うんざりする

Practice!! Fill in the blanks with the correct ED or ING adjectives:

Iron Man felt very ___________ when his mansion was blown up. He had many unanswered questions in his life, which made him feel __________. Since he believes that bacteria is everywhere, being handed papers and other objects - for him - is ___________.

Avatar was an _________ movie! The images were very realistic, especially in 3D. Some parts of the story were a little sad so they made me feel ______________. I think that living on a strange planet, with scary aliens is a __________ idea.

Because Scream was full of suspense and horrible murders, it really _________ me. I had trouble sleeping after watching it. Although it was a really ________ movie, the plot was pretty __________ because it was difficult to guess who the bad guy was.

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