Travel Report: Sydney - Newtown

I was in Sydney for 2 weeks.  I saw many friends in Newtown several times.  Newtown is a suburb close to Sydney City.  It is like Horie mixed with Tenma.  It is stylish like Horie, but has many nice restaurants like Tenma. There are many restaurants and pubs along the main street.  

At a local pub, I had a huge serving of nachos and many glasses of locally produced apple cider.  The nachos were great because they had so much cheese, sour cream, and guacamole.  The apple cider was great too. Unlike in Japan, Australians don’t think that apple cider is a girly drink.  Apple cider tastes like apple juice mixed with beer.  I highly recommend it.  

The second time I went, my friends and I went to a gourmet burger shop called “Moo”.  I had a wagyu cheeseburger that contained camembert cheese and caramelized onion.  It was scrumptious. My friends ordered a Peking duck burger and a vegetarian burger which looked interesting.  We all shared a large serving of beer battered french fries.  After that, we went to a Turkish ice cream shop. There were many flavors.  I had caramel and vanilla.  It was great.

The third time, I went to a well known Thai restaurant.  The restaurant is half restaurant and half gift shop.  There were many Thai statues, a Transformer and an Alien from the movie Alien.  The food was really good.  I had a spicy yellow curry and we shared vegan chicken-flavored tofu.  I was surprised that the tofu tasted like real chicken.  

If you visit Sydney, I highly recommend Newtown.  I think it has the best range of restaurants and food in Australia.  

Places I visited in Newtown: