Travel Report: Sydney - Japanese Shops

I enjoy visiting Japanese stores in Sydney.  When I lived in Sydney, there were only a few Japanese import supermarkets. In the last 10 years Japanese companies have been trying harder to enter the Australian market:

  • Kinokuniya opened a large store 7 years ago.  
  • Pepper Lunch opened stores 5 years ago.
  • Beard Papa opened a store but closed it down a few years ago.  
  • Daiso opened some stores 3 years ago.
  • Uniqlo opened a store last year.
  • Ippudo Ramen opened a shop last year too.
  • Muji opened a store last month.

On my trip, I visited the Uniqlo and Muji stores but didn’t go to the Ippudo.  The Ippudo was very expensive, it was about 2000 Yen for a bowl of ramen and my brother told me that it wasn’t very good.  The Uniqlo and Muji stores were very similar to the stores in Japan.  The Uniqlo had 70% of the same products.  

Ramen shops are currently a trend in Sydney.  Many ramen shops have opened in Sydney.  Some of my friends regularly visit ramen shops on their days off.  Last month my friend took me to a ramen shop in the city.  The ramen was okay, but I was surprised that the price for 4 takoyaki was 650 Yen.   

It was good to see Japanese brands becoming more popular in Australia. Click the links and you can see what the Australian websites for some Japanese companies look like.