Prepositions of place: 場所の前置詞

The 3 most common prepositions of place are in / on / at.  If you aren’t sure how to use them, it is very easy to choose the wrong one.  They are very important.   If you pick the wrong one, the meaning can sometimes become strange and unclear.

Example of grammar gone wrong:

“Many humans live in the Earth.” = Inside the the Earth!!

 The correct sentence would be:

“Many humans live on the Earth.”

In is used for enclosed places or set areas.

  • I live in Senrioka.
  • There is a lion in my garage.
  • I am in the taxi now.
  • I have $20 in my pocket.

At is used for a point.

  • I am at the zoo.
  • Percy studies at home.
  • My plane stopped at Pearson International Airport.
  • サンライズ英会話 is at the end of the street.

On is used for a surface.

  • There are many trees on Mt. Fuji.
  • They set up camp on the island.
  • There are many crumbs on the carpet.
  • Is there a rabbit on the moon?

Test:  Choose the correct preposition (IN/ AT/ ON) to complete the following sentences.

  1. Margaret is _____ the doctor’s office today.
  2. Alfred does all his studying ____ the roof.
  3. Ian placed his textbook ____ the desk.
  4. Frederick grew up ____ France.
  5. Jack is working ____ home today.
  6. Katy was spotted ____ at KFC yesterday.
  7. Many wild boars live ___ the mountain.
  8. Swimming ____ the river is prohibited.
  9. Don’t walk ___ the road. It’s dangerous!
  10. April met Lawrence ___ the party.