Cooking with Tyler

I really like cooking for my family. I feel great when I make a meal that is healthy and well liked. I get all warm and fuzzy inside to see people I care about enjoying my creations in the kitchen.

While I am not the best cook, I know enough to make simple foods from scratch and without recipies. I think it is fairly easy, once you understand the basics. There are some drawbacks to cooking though. The cleanup is always dreaded and it is very time consuming. Also, it can be a little hazardous. I have gotten many cuts and burns over the years, but I think it is worth it.

In order to save time, I often cook in large batches. Then the items can be eaten over a period of a few days or frozen to be enjoyed later when time is at a premium. Soups, stews and sauces are my favorites to prepare this way. I usually cook a big pot, cool, portion and then freeze it. I only wish I had a bigger freezer.

I have found a way to avoid the cleanup too. I made a deal with my spouse; I cook, you clean. It is simple, effective, fair and efficient for us, as she is faster at cleaning and I am the better cook.

Some ways to stay safe in the kitchen were learned the hard way. Use sharp knives; you have more control with a good blade. Stay fully clothed or wear an apron to protect yourself from getting burned. Secure your cutting board with a towel or damp paper towel underneath, so that it won’t move around and make you cut your finger instead of a vegetable. Hold your knife with your thumb and index finger on the blade for more control. Protect your other hand by using your fingers as a guide for the knife. Have your food cut and ready before you start cooking; this will prevent panic and reckless behaviour. Have a plan and keep organized; this will also help you keep your cool when you feel under pressure to perform.

What do you like to cook? What are some of your tricks in the kitchen?

Vocabulary & Expressions:

  • warm and fuzzy (adj) - good, happy, heartwarming, emotional 暖かく穏やかな気分にする
  • make something from scratch (v) - create from very basic materials 最初から手作り
  • drawback (n) - a negative point 欠点
  • hazardous (adj) - dangerous 危ない
  • batch (n) - an amount made at one time 料理の量
  • time is at a premium - 時間があまり無い 
  • spouse (n) - husband or wife 配偶者
  • learn the hard way (v) - learn from (bad) experiences 身をもって知る
  • thumb (n) - the short “finger” that is next to the  index finger / “father” finger 親指
  • index finger (n) - pointing finger / “mother” finger 人差し指
  • reckless (adj) - careless 無謀な
  • keep your cool (v) - stay calm 落ち着き払う
  • tricks (n) - clever techniques コツ