Summer Plans

Yes, summer is in full swing here now; you can tell by the shiny faces and sweat dripping down your back as you bake outside. Summer is when kids are out of school and adults get a holiday from work. Obon in August is just around the corner; have you made your travel plans yet?

Perhaps, you are a procrastinator and haven’t made any effort to secure your travel desires. Perhaps, you are a control freak who has planned every detail to a T. Maybe you are somewhere in the middle, like me.

The way I see it, you have some options on how you spend your holiday in the summer:

  1. Relax around home. Don’t do anything in particular. Catch up on some sleep, read a book, stay cool and comfortable. Beware of boredom and maybe slight shame.

  2. Get out of Japan. Go to that place you have always dreamed of. Release the adventurous side of yourself; explore. Beware of empty wallets, travelling families and busy sightseeing spots.

  3. Visit those local places you have been meaning to experience. Take a few days and see what you’ve been wanting to see for some time. Beware of your countrymen doing the same thing.

  4. Take a domestic trip. Visit your relatives, pay tribute to your ancestors, eat like a king and drink like a fish. Beware of doing what others want to do & gaining weight.

Personally, I am choosing option 4. What about you? How will you spend your summer vacation?

Vocabulary and Expressions:

  • in full swing (adj) - in the highest level of activity
  • procrastinator (n) - a person who postpones doing things
  • control freak (n) - a person who likes to decide everything
  • do something to a T - fully or completely
  • empty wallets (n) - spending too much money
  • pay tribute (v) - show respect / appreciation
  • eat like a king (v) - eat a lot of good and expensive food
  • drink like a fish (v) - drink a lot of alcohol