Ore no French & Italian

I first heard about this restaurant chain on a TV program 3 years ago.  At the time, they only had restaurants  in Tokyo.  The restaurant offers authentic French and Italian food at a low price because there are no seats. I was very disappointed, because there were only restaurants in Tokyo. I have been disappointed many times finding out about restaurants and shops on TV shows, because 90% are only in Tokyo.  

About a year ago I was walking down Dotombori when I saw that they had opened a restaurant.  I was really excited, but there were many people waiting in line.  I finally went yesterday.  My aunt took me, because she won some money at the pachinko parlour.  We ordered house wine, a serving of potato wedges with anchovy sauce, an egg and truffle pizza, proscuitto and mozzarella cheese pasta and a fillet steak.  

It was nice to have potato wedges in Japan; they are usually hard to find in Osaka.  The egg and truffle pizza was excellent, It had a soft crust, but to be honest I prefer crispy crusts.  The pasta was amazing,  the linguine was really good.  The steak was big. It was about 20cm long and came with purple sauerkraut on top.  

In the end I think I ate too much, but it was really good and the bill was only 5300 Yen.  I highly recommend it and would like to go again.