Yum Cha

There is a Chinatown south of central Sydney.  It is much larger than Nankinmachi in Kobe. There are many restaurants, food courts and shops.  

Yum cha is Chinese afternoon tea with dim sum.  Dim sum is small plates or baskets of food that is steamed or fried.. Most of the dishes are meat or vegetables wrapped in something.  Shumai is a type of dim sum.  Staff push steam trolleys that contain food and guests have to wave to get their attention.

My parents took me my brother and I to a very large yum cha restaurant, it had about 50 round tables.  It was very difficult to get the staffs’ attention.  We would wave, but half the staff didn’t notice.

My mother got tired of being unnoticed, so she stood up and waved.  Standing up didn’t work very well either, so she had to chase the staff.   My brother said that he was embarrassed, but I joined in and chased down staff to get food.  My mother and I even walked to the other end to ask for food.

There was so much delicious food.  First,  we had spinach dumplings.  They were amazing.  They were like boiled gyoza that contain butter and spinach.  Next, we got zhaliang.  Zhaliang is deep fried bread rolled in rice noodle.  After that, we had shumai.  Finally we ordered hamm seio gaau. It is like a corn dog (American dog) that had minced pork and vegetables.   

Overall it was great and I want to go again!