Flowers and their meanings

Anthurium: This flower is shaped like a red heart and is quite popular in Japan.  It symbolizes happiness and abundance.  



Carnation: These are popular gifts on Mother’s Day and represent pride and beauty.  The red ones are more for love and admiration, while the pink ones symbolize the love of a mother.  Be careful with the yellow ones because they stand for disdain, rejection, and disappointment.


Chrysanthemum: Another popular flower in Japan with meanings that vary by color.  Red is for love, and white is for truth and loyalty.



Daffodil: This flower is used to represent the Canadian Cancer Society.  It symbolizes regard and chivalry.  It also alludes to rebirth, new beginnings, and eternal life.






Daisy:  These are cute flowers that symbolize innocence and purity.  The daisy is also the subject of a very old and beloved song “Daisy Bell” that was written in 1892.



Heather Lavender: The white one symbolizes protection and the hope that wishes will come true.  Lavender is also widely used in baking sweets and brewing tea.



Hydrangea: Many students I know have these growing in their backyards or on their balconies.   It symbolizes heartfelt emotions and can be used to express gratitude.


Peony: Although beautiful, these flowers attracted the most ants in my mother’s garden.  The blossoms were practically overflowing with ants.  But they are one of the more positive flowers, symbolizing a happy marriage, happy life, and good health.






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