French Oden!

French Oden

About 2 months ago some students recommended that I try French Oden. There is a popular French oden shop that has a few stores in Umeda. Unfortunately I didn’t really have any opportunities to go.  Luckily 2 weeks ago, they opened a store in Shin Osaka.  It’s a cramped restaurant located on the 2nd floor between the Midosuji Line are and the JR area.  

I went there the other day and ordered French rum, white radish, potato, boiled egg, beef stew, and cheese and mushroom pudding.  The white radish was covered in a buttery cream sauce and the potato was covered in a creamy salmon sauce, they were both extremely rich.  Next up was the boiled egg in sauce I didn’t know what sauce it was, but it was good.  The beef stew was my favourite, it had pieces of gorgonzola cheese and melting beef in it.  It was even richer than the other dishes.  There was sauce left over, so I ordered slices of baguettes, so that I could use up all the sauce.  Finally the pudding came, it was good too, but I regret not having it first, because it wasn’t as rich tasting as the other items.  

Overall I highly recommend giving it a try, but if you are used to regular Japanese oden, it might be too rich.  I also wish there was ricecake in a pouch, because it’s usually the only oden I eat.  

Now, I am waiting for someone to come up with deep fried American Oden or Italian pizza oden!