Travel Report: 白浜

Day 1

I took a coach from Osaka station.  It was the first time that I took a coach in Japan.  The coach was surprisingly comfortable.  It took 3 and a half hours to get to Shirahama.  On the way the coach stopped at a rest area.  I really like rest area food, because it tastes really good, but really bad at the same time.  After arriving in Shirahama I bought a 2 day bus pass for 1500 Yen.  

The bus pass was worth it, because it was extremely hot.  I was able to take air conditioned buses everywhere.  On the way to the hotel there was a craft beer brewery, so I bought some beer.  The beer was pretty good.  After checking in my bags, I went to the beach.

The beach was scorching, so I ducked into a cafe and sat in that air conditioned heaven for an hour.  I decided that the beach was too hot, so I left.

I went to Tore Tore Market.  It was a big mistake, there was so much fish.  Luckily the sushi shop served egg sushi, so I ate lots of egg sushi.  I also found a pizzeria, but it was too hot for pizza. According to Tore Tore market, it is the biggest indoor fish market in Japan, so if you like seafood you should go.  After lunch I decided to take a quick tour of the Shirahama by bus.  I saw many of the attractions from the comfort of the air conditioned bus.

I had dinner at an izakaya near the beach.  I ordered lots of food. The ume plum croquette was the best thing on the menu, it was savory and sour.  After dinner I sat on some rocks behind the beach and waited for the fireworks.  The fireworks festival was very exciting.  There were lots of fireworks over 50 minutes.  There were many different colors and patterns.  

After the fireworks, the roads were jammed.  The cars weren’t moving, so I had to walk to the hotel.  The hotel was old.  The rooms didn’t have a bathroom.  The sinks were next to my room, but they were very low.  The blankets didn’t cover my whole body, so I had to use 2.  I began to think that this hotel was originally designed for school students.  Being taller than 175cm in Japan is not necessarily good.    

Day 2

The hotel had all you can eat breakfast.  It was the first time I had so much to eat for breakfast.  I had lots of potato salad and scrambled egg, so I felt sorry for the people around me.  

Adventure World was really great. I saw a dolphin show, it was fun.  There were many dolphins. They did all kinds of tricks.  They jumped very high, they hit balls, they spun in the air and splashed the children in the first 5 rows.  I thought that being splashed with dolphin water wasn’t good, if I had children I wouldn’t let them go near dolphin water.  

Next I went to see the polar bears.  The area around the tank was very cold, it was probably the best place in Shirahama.  There were 2 bears.  The older bear had very pronounced eyebrows and it was shaking it’s head from side to side.  At first I thought that it was a man in a costume, but it wasn’t.  The other bear was eating everything but apples.  I thought that animals ate anything.  

There was a comic animal show.  There was a cute river otter that did many tricks.  It spun, dived and chased other animals on command.  I really want an river otter, river otters seem to be very clever.  

The food was interesting.  Almost all of the food had an animal theme.  The hamburgs are panda shaped and the pizzas are shaped like a lion’s face.  It was really hard to choose, but I ate pork buns that were shaped like panda heads.  They weren’t very good, so I also ate an ume plum mayonnaise hot dog.  The hot dog looked like a regular hot dog, but it was delicious.  I really want to make ume plum mayonnaise.  

After lunch I went to the safari train.  It was air conditioned inside.  I saw many cheetahs, lions, tigers, elephants and zebras.  Most of the animals were sleeping under trees, because it was so hot.  I think it would be better to visit the safari park in autumn or spring.  After Adventure World I went to Shirahama station and took a train back to Osaka and dreamed of plum mayonnaise.  

摂津市 吹田市 茨木市 で英会話を学ぶならサンライズ英会話!!