Guess the animal!

Here is a list of animals, try to guess animal in Japanese!
The answers are at the bottom!

1. A Gibbon

  • It is light brown and has long arms.  
  • It is a variety of monkey
  • It is found in South East Asia

2. A Seal

  • It is usually black, brown or silver
  • It is cute and has flippers
  • It once lived on land

3. A Sea Otter

  • It is similar to a beaver
  • It uses tools to open clams
  • It is cute

4. A Rhinoceros

  • It is large and grey
  • It is a cousin of the elephant
  • It lives in Africa

5. An Orca

  • It is black with a hint of white
  • It eats penguins and seals
  • It can jump very high

6. A Parrot

  • It is usually colorful
  • It can talk to humans
  • It is associated with pirates

7. A Racoon Dog

  • It is the same size as a cat
  • It has a striped tail
  • It is in many Japanese stories


  1. テナガザル
  2. アシカ、アザラシ
  3. ラッコ
  4. サイ
  5. シャチ
  6. オウム
  7. タヌキ 


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