I often have cereal with milk for breakfast.  It is healthy, inexpensive and doesn’t take effort.  Unlike most Japanese most Australians eat a combination of cereal, porridge, bacon & egg or toast for breakfast.  


Some people wake up after 10:00 or don’t eat breakfast until late.  Some people have brunch instead of breakfast and / or lunch.  Brunches are popular on days off and holidays.  I would often eat pizza pockets or meat pies for brunch, skip lunch and snack on cheese later.


You should feel very lucky to live in Japan.  There are so many places to go for lunch and there is a fair variety in supermarkets and convenience stores.  Lunch options in Australia can be very limited outside of city centers.  Australia is dominated by 2 burger franchises, 3 chicken franchises, a sandwich franchise, a tex-mex franchise and 2 coffee franchises.Lunch in Australia can get old (very boring) very quickly unless you cook.

Dinner / Supper

Most people say dinner, but some people say supper.  Although eating out in Australia is usually more expensive that in Japan, Australian restaurants serve more food,  I almost always leave full.  In Japan I often feel hungry after eating out and I end up snacking...


To snack means to eat something between the main meals breakfast, lunch and dinner.  My family has a habit of snacking. Snacks can be healthy, for example fruit or yogurt. However, many people choose tasty unhealthy snacks like cookies or potato chips.

Buffet / All you can eat

Buffets are popular in Japan, but are less popular in Australia.  In Australia you have to go to a nice hotel or go to a chain called Sizzler.   I also don’t remember seeing any restaurants that offered all you can drink.  When I tell my friends about it, they get really excited.  They believe that they could drink more than a restaurant stocks.

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