Day trip to Takatsuki

Recently, my family and I took a day trip to Takatsuki. We went for a nice, easy hike and enjoyed a hot spring bath afterwards. We all had a great time there and I’m sure some of you reading this would enjoy doing what we did too.

We first took a bus to Uenoguchi bus stop from JR Takatsuki station. From there we started our hike towards Akutagawa (芥川), which is a very beautiful and clean river. When we reached it, we began our hike down along the road. The first section of the hike was a little disappointing, due to it being on a road, but luckily, there were no cars and there were no people to be seen or heard.

We then reached Settsukyo Park. The road ended and we continued along the river on a walking path. We found a calm and shallow area in the river and went for a dip. It was cold, but very refreshing on a hot day.

At one point we came to another trail that branched off away from the river. We went up this trail to explore and soon came to a small and tranquil waterfall; it was truly serene. The trail continued up a small hill, but we decided to press on and went back to the main river trail.

Nature continued to impress me as the river had cut out incredible trenches in the rock to create a small gorge. We saw a photo shoot taking place along the river side and further down a few people were barbequing and enjoying life. We then made it past an expensive Japanese inn and hot spring and soon were at the end of that particular trail. We only saw a handful of people on the trails, which was strange considering how easy it was to get to and how amazing the scenery was. We then got back onto a road and walked to the southeast edge of the park where there was a picnic area and lookout. It had a nice view of Takatsuki city. Also, many other trails started from there and went up into the park, but, we had other plans.

Not far from the lookout was the hot spring that we wanted to go to. It was called 美人湯, in Japanese. They had a free outdoor foot bath, which felt great, and some of the best hot spring water I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying; I highly recommend it. They also have a free shuttle bus to and from JR Takatsuki station, which we took back after our relaxing soak.

Vocabulary & phrases

  • A day trip (n) - 日帰り旅行
  • disappointing (adj) - 期待はずれの
  • a dip (n) - ひと泳ぎ
  • branch off (v) - 分岐する
  • tranquil (adj) - 心静か
  • serene (adj) - 心静か
  • press on (v) - 続ける
  • a gorge (n) - 峡谷
  • scenery (n) - 風景