Here are 5 sweet words for Valentine’s Day!


Americans and Canadians use candy, the British use sweets and Australians use lollies. Confectionary is a group word that includes candy, chocolate, gummies, jelly beans, lollypops and so on…  Next time you are overseas and you are looking for some sweets, look for the confectionary aisle in a supermarket.

Cream Puff

Marketing is very important.  English, French and Italian are often used to make something look ,or sound classy.  Choux Cream is one such example.  Choux Cream is used in Japan and some of France, in America and Canada it is cream puff and in Australia and some of France it is profiterole.  In Australia almost all profiteroles are topped with chocolate.  Choux also means cabbage in French...


Pastry is a group word that includes cream puffs, croissants, danishes, pies, quiches and tarts. Pastries are very popular in Australia.  Meat pies, pasties, sausage rolls and ham cheese croissants are available everywhere.  

Pastry Chef

In most English speaking countries a person who makes cake, desserts, pastries and etc, are called pastry chefs.  I remember working with a former pastry chef, she sometimes brought delicious cakes and pies to work

Soft Serve

Soft cream is not used outside of Japan.  It is called soft serve.  It always reminds me of an episode in Australia involving the world’s most popular fast food restaurant.  For many years one soft serve and cone cost 30 cents.  The restaurant announced they would increase the price from 30 cents to 40 cents, because costs were growing.  There was outrage (lots of people were angry) and it was on the news.  The new was reporting about how bad it was for seniors and children, until the restaurant lowered the price to 30 cents again…  Another example of how sweets are important to us all!