Hello Settsu!!

I am no longer a city boy, I am now boy from the suburbs.  After years of living in Osaka city, I moved to Settsu in December.  Settsu is nice and quiet, it is much more peaceful than Osaka city.

I moved into a small apartment unit that has one room and a kitchen next to the entrance.  

Unpacking everything was a piece of cake.  I’m glad that I am no longer a hoarder.

On the other hand, installing the curtain railing and curtains was challenging.  It was hard to hold the railing up while screwing in the screws.

There are many some apartments, schools and many factories nearby.

There aren’t many restaurants near my new home, so I walked to a well known family restaurant that serves steak.  On the way I saw some trees with vivid yellow leaves, they were very beautiful.  I also saw some cool, but crazy multicolor Xmas lights near a river nearby.

Now that I have a kitchen, I’m planning to start cooking again for the first time in years.  I can only cook basic dishes, so if you have any suggestions for simple recipes, please let me know!

Living in Osaka city is much more convenient, I already miss being able to walk to Shinsaibashi and all the shops, but I prefer the suburbs.  It’s not crowded, there are less drunks and less noise.