Autumn is here and that means that a very special German festivity is also coming close. Oktoberfest originates(comes from) from Germany but is nowadays celebrated across the globe. The ways in which it is done differs slightly from country to country but the point is usually the same, eat newly harvested/ processed food like different kinds of sausages and if you are in Germany sauerkraut(a type of fermented cabbage). Nowadays we are not so dependent on the harvests so it is more of a quaint (old fashioned) tradition. The other perhaps more famous part of the Oktoberfest is all the beer drinking that goes on. I count myself as a beer lover so I seldom miss the chance to indulge (allow to enjoy) in some nice brews. The most popular beer style is undoubtedly the pilsner, it is a lager beer and is fairly light and easy to drink. Pilsner is not a German beer originally but a Czech invention. In Europe it is still largely agreed that Czech beer is the best pilsner in the world. My own favourite beer is one called Zlatopramen from that area.

My own favourite Oktoberfest memory was when I had graduated high school and we went to a friend’s place to rake leaves. After that we prepared a big barbecue table and lots of beer, it was the middle of October, so quite cold. But we could sit outside surrounded by heaps of colourful autumnal leaves and as we say “ drink ourselves warm”.

So when October draws near pour one out and say prost! (cheers in german.)