So, how do we use so as a conjunction?

The short little word so can be very useful in connecting reasons and actions. It has the same meaning as because but a slightly different way of building sentences.

The grammar of so can be shown as this:


Reason(why)+ so + action(what to do)

  • It was raining(reason)so I brought my umbrella(action).

    • Why did you bring your umbrella?

      • It was raining.

  • Japanese summer is very hot so I don’t want to go outside.

  • I am hungry so I will buy something to eat.


Another way to use so, is when you want to tell people about rules or warn them. Like this:

  • The stove is hot so don’t touch it.

  • That is the CEO’s cookie so don’t eat it.

  • There is a lightning storm outside so you should unplug the computer.

So, so is very useful so please use it when giving reasons!