Mysterious creatures


Yeti - This is a big, white, furry man-creature that is said to live in the mountains in several different countries.  He is also popularly known as Bigfoot.  Bigfoot has supposedly been spotted in Northern Canada.  He leaves behind big footprints in the dirt and snow for people to follow.  He is approximately eight feet tall and has a vile odor that is offensive to humans.  Many reliable witnesses have reported seeing Bigfoot and speculate that he might be a missing link between the apes and humans.

Loch Ness Monster - There are conflicting reports on whether this monster actually exists or not.  The Loch Ness Monster  - or Nessie - lives in Scotland and is visited by droves of tourists every year.  Because there have been many fake Nessie’s discovered over the years, many people are beginning to lose interest in this creature.  But some sonar images seem to have revealed hidden caves deep below Loch Ness and a strange, unidentifiable elongated shape swimming in them.

Mothman  - In 1966, there were many sightings of a winged humanoid creature in West Virginia.  It had red glowing eyes, could fly really fast, and apparently ate dogs for dinner.  It is said to be connected to aliens from other planets.  Witnesses who have claimed to have seen Mothman reported it flying after cars at night or chasing after pets.


Vile 非常に嫌な

Odor 匂い

Offensive 不快な

Reliable 信頼できる

Witness 目撃者

Conflicting 矛盾する

Droves 集団で 

Humanoid 人間の形をしたもの

Apparently 一見したところ〜のような

Claim 主張する