Baby Update

So it has been around 7 months since my son was born and of course he has developed a lot since then. 

Recently he has started to take an interest in food. Carefully watching whatever we eat or drink around him sometimes smacking his lips. We have of course started feeding him some simple food already, things like rice porridge and mashed up fruits are favourite dishes. So far sweet potato and fruit paste have been the best and pumpkin paste has been the thing he liked the least. He is a quite eager eater and will gladly forego the spoon and grab the bowl if we are not careful while feeding him. It sometimes reminds me of a hungry dog. 

He does not crawl yet but we can tell that it is not far off, he can raise his head up quite high and has gained a lot of upper body strength lately. He, of course, tries to kick and move forward but it does not really work yet which sometimes frustrates him to no end

He has also discovered many new ways to make sounds, he has discovered that he can change the pitch and the volume of his voice to make all kinds of interesting shouts and screams. 

So many changes have happened but I think the biggest one is an increased curiosity and interest in the world around him.  He will touch, grab, hold and of course taste anything he can reach so from now on we will have to keep an eye on him wherever we put him down. 

  • To no end - a lot,  without any end. 
  • Take an interest in - become interested. 
  • Forego - skip

- Emil