North American Sushi Recipes

Sushi is extremely popular worldwide with new restaurants opening up here and there, showing no signs of slowing down.  Since there are so many sushi restaurants available nowadays, it’s important for new restaurants to set themselves apart from the old ones.  This driving need to be unique has made way for many fusion restaurants with a new take on the classic sushi roll.

Here are some popular sushi roll recipes from the United States and Canada.  Keep in mind that while Japanese sushi chefs wrap the seaweed (nori) on the outside, North Americans primarily keep the rice on the outside.

Philadelphia Rolls

  • You will need fresh salmon (or tuna), seaweed, cream cheese, cucumbers or avocado slices, sushi rice, a sheet of seaweed, and toasted sesame seeds

  • First, cut the salmon into small bite size pieces along with the cucumbers of avocado

  • Next, spread the sushi rice out on the seaweed and sprinkle the sesame seeds on top

  • Turn the seaweed over so that the rice is on the bottom (facing out) and fill the roll with the salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber slices

  • Roll the sushi up and cut it into individual pieces

Teriyaki Chicken Rolls

  • You will need white chicken meat, teriyaki sauce, a cucumber - sliced, an avocado, a sheet of seaweed, sushi rice, and toasted sesame seeds

  • First, fry the chicken with a bit of seasoning (salt and pepper is sufficient), and then coat with teriyaki sauce

  • Next, spread the sushi rice out on the seaweed and flip it over

  • Fill the sushi with the cut chicken meat and cucumber slices

  • Roll up the sushi and carefully press slices of avocado on top

  • Sprinkle with sesame seeds and pour more of the teriyaki sauce over the top