Pork Buns and Shoes


I went to Sannomiya to do what I always do, eat pork buns! I think that the pork buns from Roushoki are the best. There is usually a line, but they have a second shop opposite the original. They are small and 90 Yen each, but amazing. I think they are so good, because the umami is tricking my brain. My father told me about the shop many years ago, since then it has become my favourite pork bun shop. I usually never try pork buns in other shops, but I went to another shop in the arcade for the first time. It was good, but a little too sweet for my liking.

After eating, I went to an outlet mall between Suma and Akashi. I wanted to buy running shoes, but I couldn’t find the perfect pair. I walked around for 2 hours, but I ended up only buying underwear. I really wanted to try a creme brulee ice cream crepe, but it was too cold for ice cream.

Because of the disappointment I went back to Sannomiya and went to a butcher that is well known for deep fried food. The croquette is very good. The croquette contains Kobe beef, but I couldn’t tell if it did. I also had cheese chicken, it was heavenly. I walked around Kobe, but couldn’t find the perfect shoes. I may try another outlet mall soon!