Describing Rooms

I don’t have a living room at the moment, so I’m going to talk about my parents’ living room in Sydney.

It’s a large living room connected to the dining room and kitchen.  The floor is tiled, but there is heated carpet in the middle of the room.  The walls and ceiling are cream.  There is balcony to the right of the room.  

There is a long couch in the middle of the room with a coffee table in front of it, and a 60” (sixty inch) TV and an entertainment unit at the front of the room.  The couch is surrounded by 5 speakers.  The entertainment unit contains a blu-ray player, a cassette player, a power amp, a Playstation 4 and a Mini Mac computer. To the left of the TV there is a big shelving unit for music equipment.  There are 5 guitar amps and a bass amp.

The couch is long enough for me to sleep on, but the leather is very uncomfortable. The TV is a little too big, but it is amazing to play video games on.

It’s where my father practices the guitar and my mother practices the flute.  It’s also where everyone watches the news and eats snacks.  


  • (The) ceiling:  The top of a room.  The lights are on the ceiling.

  • A couch:  = A sofa

  • A sideboard / An entertainment unit: Furniture for TVs, DVD players...

  • A shelving unit:  Furniture for putting things on.  e.g. A bookshelf, a plastic model shelf...


  • Contain: To have inside.  Apple pies contain apple.

  • Surround:  Make a circle around something.  Help me!  I’m surrounded by lions!


Can you describe a room in your house? Try using some the the expressions here!