Tokyo Gourmet Experiences



Oyakodon with Foie Gras

I often get lost. I somehow ended up (went to) in Akihabara. I remember seeing a shop called “B1 Grand Prix” featured on TV. Their menu changes monthly and is based on different prefectures and their ingredients.Tokushima was this month’s theme.

I went in at about 8:30, so most of the menu items were sold out. I ordered a egg and chicken on rice. It contained Tokushima chicken and foie gras. I couldn’t taste the difference between tokushima chicken and regular chicken, but it was very tender (soft). It was very different from any other oyakodon that I have ever tried.

The chef was extremely friendly and gave soup and dessert on the house (for free), because most of the menu items were sold out. It was the one of the many good customer service experiences I had in Tokyo.

Pizza in Naka-Meguro

I am a big fan of pizza. One of my goals is to have pizza every week. Sometimes I make pizza, or buy frozen pizza, but eating out is the best. I saw a handsome man baking pizza featured on TV. He said that every second is important. I was moved by his words. I finally got to go his shop “Da Isa” on Saturday.

The shop is located in Meguro. The restaurant was a little old, but it had a lot of character. It was packed with customers. I ordered 2 pizzas, a Margherita and Margherita with prosciutto and spice. The pizza came in less than 10 minutes.  The crust was excellent it had many small black spots like a leopard. The sauce was so delicious too. I got to see the man in person, he was handsome in real life too.

French Cafe

One of the main reasons for going to Tokyo was to visit Shake Shack in Meiji Jingu. Unfortunately there was a 120 meter line, so I decided not to go. I was very disappointed, I think I even cried a little.

I decided to go to another hamburger shop near Aoyama, but on the way there was a modern cafe called “Citron”. As I walked by, the smell captivated me (made me want it), so I decided to enter. I found out that it was a modern French cafe that served pastries (baked things), soup, salad and lasagna.

I ordered quiche and soup. The quiche contained (had inside) eggplant, mushroom and ricotta cheese. I had never tried such a quiche, but it was excellent. The soup was unusual too.

I’m kind of glad I stumbled upon (found accidently) the cafe. I really want to make something similar to the quiche one day.