Swedish meatballs

Whenever I tell people that I come from Sweden most people mention two things, one is IKEA and the other is meatballs. I sometimes go to Ikea in Osaka just to eat some Swedish food. While their meatballs are ok, I much prefer to make them myself whenever I can.

Luckily, since I am not a very good cook, making meatballs is easy and anyone can do it. Just like okonomiyaki in Japan I think almost all families in Sweden have their own way to make meatballs but this is how I usually do it.

  1. First mix breadcrumbs and milk or cream in a big bowl and let it swell(become big) for a bit.
  2. Then put in some minced meat, for swedish meatballs we usually use mixed beef and pork mince or just minced beef.
  3. After that finely dice some onion and put it in the bowl together with an egg. Top it off with salt and coarsely ground black pepper. For me, I also like to press a clove of garlic into the mix at this point for some extra flavor. Then mix the ingredients until they become a smooth paste. Put the paste in your hand and roll it to a smooth ball in the size that you prefer. Before doing this you want to prepare a big plate or something to put your new meatballs on. If your are not making a lot you can put the directly into the frypan.
  4. Then fry the meatballs on medium heat for a couple of minutes.
  5. Finally eat the meatballs!

In Sweden we usually eat meatballs with potatoes, either boiled or mashed, and a brown sauce or gravy. Recently we have started eating them with pasta as well I’m sure you will find something you like to eat them with!    

Explaining order:

In english when we want to explain the order we do or did something we use this:

  • Start: first

  • Middle: (and) then, after that.

  • Finish: Finally, in/ at the end.