Ice Cream, Baseball, & Barbeques: Summer Down Under

I wore my short sleeve business shirt for the first time this year, so I thought I should write about summer in Australia.

Some people think that summer in Australia is worse than Japan’s summer. This is a myth (not a true story), Australian summers are usually nicer. The UV rays (sun beams) are stronger, but it is dry. It is more pleasant (nice) than humid summers. Also Australia doesn’t have a rainy season, so you don’t have to fight mold (green/black spots in your bathroom) as much.

Almost no Australian women own a parasol. They just use lots of sunscreen (anti sun cream) and wear a hat. Australians think small parasols are strange. I think many more Australians have freckles (small brown spots on the face), but most people think it is a little cute.

Soft serve (instant fast food ice cream) is not as popular as in Australia. Most people buy soft serve at fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s. Regular ice cream and gelato are more common and popular. If you have never tried gelato, you should! It is similar to ice cream.

During summer people enjoy going to barbeques and picnics. If you think drinking beer on a hot summer’s day is nice, you should drink ice cold beer in Australia!  It feels more amazing, because it is drier.  My father used to play in an amateur baseball league, just so he could drink beer after a match!