Drinking your meals

There have been a lot of fad diets going around lately, but one of the most interesting is probably the liquid diet.  The other day I was walking around Utsubo Park and happened to come across a very trendy looking juice shop.  It was located in a bit of a high class neighborhood and its prices definitely reflected that.  I doubt that you could find a drink for under 800 yen.

The juice shop was called B-Up Cleansing Juicery, with the B standing for ‘beauty up’, ‘balance up’, ‘buck up’.  Basically, they claim that their drinks will make you feel healthier and stronger.  They had drinks that were designed to make rejuvenate you, increase your concentration, and make your skin glow.  All their drinks boasted detox capabilities.

What I found really amazing about this juice shop was the number of fruits and vegetables they cram into a very small cup.  For one drink, they basically take a cutting board loaded with a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables and compress it into a 350ml cup!

There are two types of freshly pressed juices - the normal freshly squeezed variety that we are accustomed to (it takes very little time to prepare), and the cold-pressed version.  Cold-pressed supposedly trumps the freshly squeezed version in terms of nutrition retention and chemical stability.  Pressing the fruits and vegetables slowly allows them to remain unchanged by heat and pressure.  Freshly squeezed juice is also exposed to oxygen so it doesn’t keep very long.

While fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, ingesting too many at once can cause unpleasant side effects.  This is what B-Up warns customers on their website.  Some side effects may include dizziness, nausea, and headaches.  So, before you decide to try out a liquid diet, you might need to check with your doctor to see if it’s safe for you to do so.  It might be interesting to try it out at least once, just to see what all the hype in Hollywood is about.


  • Fad 一時的流行
  • Rejuvenate 回復させる
  • Boast 自慢する
  • Compress 圧迫する
  • Accustomed to 慣れてる
  • Trump 〜より勝つ
  • Nutrition 栄養
  • Retention 保持
  • Chemical stability 科学安定性
  • Side effects 副作用
  • Contain 含まれてる
  • Ingest 摂取する