Crayfish Party

At the end of summer, In Sweden it’s late August, we usually have a silly little party called a crayfish party. A crayfish is an animal like a small freshwater(drinkable water, from rivers and lakes)lobster. The reason we eat this at the end of summer is because it was forbidden to catch crayfish any other time of the year. We boil the crayfish in salt water and season it with dill for the party. Usually we put many crayfish on a big plate and make a buffet with together with herring , salmon, bread, strong cheese and other things we like to eat.

The party is a bit crazy and people often wear party hats and bibs while eating. If the weather is nice we want to sit outside and eat. We usually decorate the table with different red and blue colors and we often have a man in the moon image somewhere. It is also common to light lanterns at night.  

It is a silly party and like many other Swedish traditions it is used as an excuse(reason) to drink strong alcohol and sing silly songs together. This is because many people don’t actually like crayfish that much and also there isn’t that much meat on them. But it is usually a bit of silly fun, though it sometimes get a bit rowdy(noisy) later at night.