Cooking in English With Julian - Upgrading Japanese Curry

My first experience with Japanese food in Canada was eating Japanese curry. The moment I ate it, I fell in love right away. Up until that time, my knowledge of Curry was only limited to Indian style curries, since Toronto has many Indian restaurants. Most people in Japan are familiar with making simple Japanese curry. It is rare to hear about anyone in Japan making scratch made curry roux. But thanks to big companies that compete to make the most popular curry mixes, cooking curry at home is easier to do. In this blog, I can show you simple ways to add some more personality to your curry that you can share with your family and friends.

Adding a different kind of sweetness:

  • Adding caramelized onions - slow cooked onions for 30 min on low heat

  • Adding tomato paste

  • Adding grated apple of grated pear

  • Grating a piece of ginger

  • Add ½ a cinnamon stick while cooking

  • Replace 1 cup of the broth with 1 cup of coconut milk

“Mapo” style curry:

  • Substitute for ground pork and diced eggplant

  • Add sliced okra at the end of the cooking

  • Add oyster sauce and dashi at the end

For those who like it spicy:

  • Make a paste of habanero peppers, ginger, salt, and lemon juice. Add as much as you like.

  • Knowledge - things you know
  • Curry roux - mixture of curry powder, butter and flour
  • Personality - special character
  • Compete - to enter a competition to be the best
  • Paste - food crushed from wet and dry ingredients
  • Caramelized - slow cooking to release the sugars in a vegetable
  • Habanero pepper - very spicy pepper ハバネロ唐辛子