Starting Daycare

My son Tor is soon turning 4 months old and has recently started going to a daycare centre  because his mother is going back to work. We started going there with him just for a few hours in the beginning for him to get used to the change.  So far he seems to be pretty happy with it and doesn’t seem to complain much. Every morning I take him to the kindergarten it is  only a 30 minute walk from my home but the humid Japanese summer makes it a tough slog sometimes.  At the daycare he seems to be smiling and happy most of the time and I guess he is a bit unusual for the other children so they tend to be curious about him.

It is somewhat unusual for me to leave such a small child to a day care centre since back home children under 12 months are not accepted unless there are particular reasons for it. I guess it is because if both parents play their cards right and plan correctly you can have maternity and paternity leave for around 2 years before going back to the office full time.  He seems to be enjoying it so far though and he is always smiling when his mother picks him up again in the afternoon when she comes back from work.