Autumn Foods

My favourite season is Autumn, also known as the harvest season. I love the colours of the leaves as they fall from the trees. It reminds me of my childhood taking the school bus to school. Autumn leaves usually signify to me the start of the school year in Canada. But also, like the other seasons, it’s a special time when certain foods are in season. Even though most foods are available all year round, there is nothing better than eating food when it is at its peak in the year.

In Japan, Pacific Saury, chestnuts, persimmons, and pears are the most commonly known to be in season in the fall. My favourite of these is the Pacific Saury (also known as サンマ).  Whether it is served raw as sashimi or grilled with salt and lemon, the oiliness in the fish when it is at its peak is comparable to good quality Mackerel. You can even eat the guts as well although some people prefer to remove it.  Being only approximately 100 yen per fish, the quality, flavor, and price is hard to match that kind of value. So don’t put away your bincho grills just yet, saury season has just begun.

Harvest - 収穫 when the vegetables you have been growing are ready to take and eat.

In season - 季節の flavour of the food is at its best.

Oiliness - 油性 

Guts - 内蔵; intestines, blood, liver…

Peak - 盛り; prime

- Julian