So Long & Thank You!

I can definitely say that my year here at Sunrise has been some of the most exciting and fun time in my life. Both in and out of work. I have over this period met many new, interesting and fantastic people. From talking about everyday things to cultural differences, I have learned a great deal from you and I hope I have been able to help you achieve a bit more in your English studies as well. 

I also saw the birth of my first child while working here, a memory I will carry with me forever. It was a crazy feeling hopping on the train to Kanagawa to see him come into this world. 

After living here for 3 years I also have to say I have grown quite attached to the Osaka area, and especially this area around Suita and Senrioka and I will certainly miss it. 

Where am I going? 
Well not back to Sweden as you might expect. My next destination will be to The United States and Washington D.C. It is with mixed feelings that I leave to say the least, especially after the recent election in the U.S. but I am of course also excited to what this new stage in life will hold for me and my family.  

Some things I'll definitively miss besides talking to all of you are; 

  • Walking to and from work. This has been the only time in my life I have been able to walk to work and I quite like that. It was also nice to see the park area between Senrioka and Suita develop over the years. 
  • The night life, Japan has many excellent restaurants and bars and I will surely miss going out for a good meal and drinks with Arisa and Ben.
  • Mild winters, it is very refreshing to walk around outside in December and January just wearing a shirt and not feel like the wind is actively trying to murder you.   

My time here was cut a bit shorter than anyone could have anticipated and I would have liked, but such is life sometimes. I hope all you can continue to study and learn and grow your English in the future. It is sometimes hard and it is sometimes frustrating I know, but hey we have a great deal of fun here too!

- Emil