Nowadays, it's far too easy to accumulate a lot more stuff than you need in order to live comfortably.  It wasn't enough to buy that pink sweater because it was on sale, but you also had to pick up an identical one in sky blue - just in case.  And even though you still haven't finished with your current notebook, you had to go out and get three more, along with a handful of pens.  Why?  Just because.  Do you collect stickers or patterned tape?  Have you ever actually used either?  Do you no longer have access to the back of your closet because it's jammed with stuff?  Maybe it's time to downsize.

Minimalism is defined as living with less than 100 things, which could include a car, a suit, perhaps two pairs of shoes, a cell phone, and so on.  The people who practice minimalism - minimalists - live much simpler lives because they don't have so many personal belongings that tie them down to any one place.  Cleaning is quick and painless, and moving no longer requires the use of an overpriced truck or moving company.  

I've been trying to decrease the number of personal items that I own so that I'm not holding onto clothing that I no longer wear (or never removed the price tag from), books that I will never read again, or kitchen utensils that I used once and forgot all about.  Having been a collector for many years, getting rid of so much stuff has literally taken about two years.  I now routinely go through my closet and drawers and pull out things that I will probably never use again.  That way things do not pile up and become unmanageable.  The last major cleanup that I did resulted in 1 large suitcase and 4 large shopping bags of unwanted clothes, basically articles that were of sentimental value or had been expensive at the time I purchased them.  

So now that I have a lot less stuff to deal with, I think that I could probably move into one of the movable structures that Ten Fold Engineering is selling.  They're much cheaper than a house or an apartment, can be transported just about anywhere, and unfold within ten minutes.  What's more is that they come equipped with most major appliances and furniture.  Customizing one of these buildings and setting it down in the middle of nowhere would be a dream come true!   


~ Samantha