Christmas in Hawaii

Growing up in Hawaii, Christmas was different than what other kids in other states experienced.  For one thing, we never get snow so there is no chance of a white Christmas.  On top of that our houses are different than those in the mainland so there were some glitches there too. The typical stereotype of how Christmas works is this.


Sometime before Christmas Day, the father and son would go out into the snow covered woods and look for a Christmas tree. Once they chopped down the tree they would take it back home where the family would decorate the tree with many different ornaments.  The kids would hang their decorated stockings on the fireplace and they would dream about all the treats that would fill their stockings come Christmas day. 


On Christmas eve the kids would set out cookies and milk for Santa Claus to have when he visited their house that evening to deliver the presents.  That evening Santa would fly around the world on his sleigh and land on top of the snow covered roofs of houses.  He would then slide down the chimney and deliver the presents for the kids that were good during that year.  The kids that were bad that year would get coal in their stockings. 


Now here's where it gets interesting.  As you know we don't have snowy woods in Hawaii so me and my father would drive out to the supermarket to buy our Christmas tree.  The Christmas tree vendors would ship them in freight containers and take them to the parking lots of supermarkets to sell. You could also pay extra and have them spray white foam(?) on top to make it look like snow!  We would decorate the trees just like everyone else but we had to put special chemicals inside the water of the tree so it wouldn't catch fire so easily.


Now lets look at the housing problems. We don't have fireplaces with chimneys in Hawaii so we would always hang our stockings on the refrigerator.  I would always question my parents about how Santa could get into the house without coming down the chimney and they said it was magic.  I wasn't one to complain as long as the presents kept coming in every year.  On Christmas eve I told my mom that maybe Santa would want a spam musubi instead of cookies and milk. One Christmas I must have been really bad that year because my mother hid my present in the kitchen.  You see Santa always puts the presents under the Christmas tree so I was searching around frantically for my present. I was almost in tears when my mom suggested that I check the kitchen. 

As you can see Christmas is very different in different cultures.

Mele kalikimaka and hau'oli makahiki hou!


- Scott

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