Christmas Expressions

The mornings and nights are getting chillier and the Christmas season is not far off.  Most Canadians will probably be starting their Christmas shopping around now, as well as decorating their houses with festive ornaments.


Common Christmas Decorations:

Wreath - a round display made with pine cones, acorns, glitter and bows.  It is usually hung outside the front door of the house.

Tinsel - the long sparkly ornament that looks like a fox's tail and gets wrapped around the Christmas tree

Candles - placed on the tree branches (an old tradition), or in front of the fireplace

Stocking - a big red sock that is hung in front of the fireplace.  Santa Claus is expected to fill the stocking with presents and sweets on Christmas Eve.

Candy Cane - a red and white striped candy that is shaped like a cane and hung on the Christmas tree.

Gingerbread house - a house assembled with ginger-flavored cookies, Smarties, and other candies or icing

Gingerbread Man - a ginger-flavored cookie in the shape of a man.  It will usually have a face and other features drawn on with icing or candy.

Elf - Santa's small helper with pointed ears who is usually dressed in a green costume with a pointed hat.

Reindeer - the most important Christmas animal.  There is usually a reindeer ornament hanging on the Christmas tree or displayed elsewhere in the house.  Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is the most famous reindeer of all!

Mistletoe - a plant that has big pointed leaves and berries in the center (red berries are more common).  It is considered lucky to kiss someone under the mistletoe, which is why many people hang them inside their houses.

Snowglobe - a winter scene encased in a glass ornament and filled with water.  When you shake it, little pieces of snow dance around inside to make it look like it is snowing.

Caroler - this is a person, not a decoration.  Carolers sing Christmas carols in groups and will sometimes go door-to-door to spread the Christmas cheer.  

Christmas Carol - is a Christmas song.  Some well-known ones are "Jingle Bells", "Deck the halls", and "O Christmas Tree"


Christmas expressions for greeting cards:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Warm greetings for the holidays!

Wishing you lots of love, joy, and happiness!

Peace and love for you and yours on Christmas and the year to come!

Hope all your Christmas dreams come true!

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas! (said by Santa Claus)

Hope your holiday season is fun and festive!

Have a magical holiday season!


Christmas idioms:

Trim the tree - This does not mean to take a pair of scissors to your Christmas tree.  It means to decorate the tree.

White Christmas - a Christmas filled with lots of snow.

Be no angel - to behave badly

Deck the halls - to decorate with branches from a holly tree

To be a Scrooge - to be cheap or have a bad attitude around Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year - This expression is used as an excuse to overindulge and eat too much or splurge on a shopping spree.

It's the thought that counts - What is inside the package doesn't matter.  It is important to appreciate the thought or sentiment behind the present, even if we don't like it.


~ Samantha