Who is Honda Tadakatsu?

Anyone that has spoken to me recently at Sunrise knows that I like Japanese history. Do you? One of my students asked me recently, "Who is one of your favourite historical figures in Japanese history?" Well, allow me to tell you about Honda Tadakatsu.

Even if you don't know much Japanese history, you may know who Tokugawa Ieyasu was. He was the shogun who finally united all of Japan after the Battle of Sekigahara in October 1600.

 Well, Tadakatsu Honda was one of his best generals.

Born in Mikawa province in 1548, Honda became known to Tokugawa because of his patience and intelligence. Mikawa was Tokugawa's province, and Honda fought many battles for him.

Honda remained loyal for the rest of his life and became one of Tokugawa's closest friends. He was known as the "warrior greater than death", because he was never badly hurt - even in over 100 battles for his master. He was also undefeated by any other samurai. 

Now, that is a true hero!