My Cooking Adventures!

Do you like cooking?

Well, I never used to like cooking. But recently I have started to become interested in it. I like ideas for simple, cheap and tasty dishes - I don't always have the time or money to cook something super special!

What do I mean by simple and cheap? Well, preferably :-

  1. Using less than 10 ingredients.
  2. Costing less than ¥1000 to make.
  3. It mustn't require the use of an oven (because I don't have one!) Only a frying pan and saucepan.

Last week, one of our wonderful students told me about ぶた きむち (pork kimchi). I tried it and it was delicious (thank you so much!) Now, I want to share an idea with you all. This week, I made a nice Mediterranean-style pasta. To make it, you need:

  • Pasta (I use wholegrain pasta)
  • Spinach leaves
  • Olive oil/pesto
  • Chicken (chopped from breast or ささみ)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Olives
  • Feta cheese (watch out - this can be quite expensive!)

First, chop the chicken and start to cook it in a pan. When it starts to turn white, start cooking the pasta. Then add the tomatoes, spinach, olives and after pour in the olive oil. A bit of pesto works nicely too. Cook/simmer for 4 - 5 minutes.

When everything is ready, serve the pasta and then put everything else on top of it. Finally, place the feta cheese (which should not be heated) around the dish and enjoy! 

If you read this, please tell me about your recipe ideas in class! I would love to learn about new simple and cheap dishes from you all. Let's share recipes together!

See you next week :) 

Ryan :)