May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

I was thinking back about different things that we used to celebrate in Hawaii in the spring and summer.  I was talking to someone recently about sports festivals in Japan and it reminded me about Lei Day.

Lei Day is celebrated on the first of May throughout the different islands of Hawaii. Every island has a different flower that represents the island and the flower for Oahu is the Ilima flower. ( ee-lee-ma )  It is a paper thin yellow flower that is very fragile. It takes a long time and effort to hand sew a lei because the flowers are so fragile and thin. It was the symbol or royalty because only royalty could wear it.

I remember when I was in elementary school we used to practice different songs and dances to perform on Lei Day. We started the festivities in the morning and it went on all day. We even had a king and queen of Lei Day and it was an honor to be crowned on that day. I was never chosen as the king! Ha Ha Ha!

The celebration is not only held in schools but there is a big parade through Waikiki and they throw a big party in Kapiolani park at the end of the parade area.  There all all kinds of food booths and also vendors selling Hawaiian clothes and merchandise.  It's always great to try the different foods from the different food stalls because they are all very different, not like the food stalls in Japan which are the same ole thing.

I hope someday you can experience Lei Day in Hawaii!