May Top Vocabulary Words

Hi everyone! We taught 2234 vocabulary words in May 2017. Here are the five most common:


An advert is another way to say advertisement or ad. Advert is more common in the UK, ad is popular in the US. Growing up in Canada, I heard both in my family.


If you are fit, it means your body is in good shape or good physical condition. If you want to run a marathon, you must be fit. This is the adjective(形容詞)for fitness.

optimistic (形容詞)an optimist(名詞)

An optimist is a person who thinks positively about the future. They think good things will happen. They are optimistic. You can be optimistic about life in general or about a topic e.g. I'm optimistic about the Hanshin Tigers' chances this year! 

pessimistic(形容詞)a pessimist (名詞)

This is the opposite of optimist. It is a person who thinks negatively about the future. They think bad things will happen. Just like with optimist, you can be pessimistic about life in general or about a topic.


Rubbish is a British way to say garbage. Rubbish can mean actual garbage e.g. Please don't leave rubbish in the park. Rubbish can also mean very bad e.g. That movie was rubbish!