My Family

In England, most of us are only in constant contact with our immediate family. These are your parents, siblings (brothers and sisters), spouses (husbands and wives) and your children.

I usually see my immediate family and one of my uncles. Today, I will tell you about them.

I have two sisters; Hayley and Lisa. Hayley is younger than me (31) and Lisa is older (43). My parents do not live together anymore, but when I am home I stay with my father. I don't have children and I don't have any brothers. Though, I have always imagined what it might be like to have a brother. I am not married yet.

Hayley works in a women's refuge, which is a good but serious job dealing with victims of domestic violence. Women go and stay in a safe place if they are being threatened or attacked by their husbands. She likes watching TV and travel. She is also very social, and used to be a party animal. Lisa has her own business selling health products, and she likes going out to eat Indian curry and working. I am very pleased for both of them!

My father (59) is a maintenance engineer for a high school, and he likes gardening. He is also a good cook. My mother (63) is a carer for the elderly, and like me she loves crime dramas, such as Colombo and Law and Order. She also likes animals.

I have an uncle who lives down the road from me (down the road doesn't always mean the same road in England - it just means "lives very close by"). I see him a lot. His son (my cousin) and I are very good friends. I spent many, many weekends at his house in my teenage years, and I have some of my fondest memories from this time.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my family. It was interesting for me to write as I kept on getting memories of the times I spent with them.

Have a great week, and enjoy any time with your family! Time spent with them can never be wasted.

Take care of yourselves,

Ryan :)